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St George Umpires

Monday 24 April 2000


Level 1 and Level 2 Accreditation

With numbers so high we will have over 20 umpires undertaking Level 1 training this year. Just a reminder that all umpires must undertake level 1 training, and this requires a commitment to training and umpiring on Saturday.


If there are suitable numbers, we will run Level 2 training this year. This will be for umpires who have completed Level 1 and umpire U 14 &16 on a regular basis. Conducting this training will also allow our current Level 2 umpires to update their training. At the same time, it will benefit the entire group through exposure to higher training. Let me know if you are interested.


The cost of registration set by the AFL for Level 1 & 2 is:


Registration closes on 12 May. All registering umpires will need to :


Because of the high numbers we have and the difficulty of training umpires at different levels we will not accept new recruits, under the age of 17, after Wed 10 may. So, if you have friends thinking of joining us please ask them to do so soon.

Our umpires.

Edwina Hine is recovering at home following surgery and is looking forward to rejoining us soon. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Law Books & Uniforms.

New Law books and uniforms are being distributed at training. All umpires must remember that shirts must be tucked in, sox kept up and sweat bands worn at all times while umpiring. There is no room for fashion statements while umpiring.


No umpire will be appointed to a match for which they are not prepared for. If you are not appointed to a game you are not to umpire it. Appointments are given out at training on a Wednesday evening.


Remember: All umpires must advise me as early as is possible if they will be unavailable to umpire. If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from umpiring after you have received an appointments you must ring and advise me clubs count on you showing up as do your fellow umpires.


Pie night.

Our next pie night will be on Wed 17 May after training; put it in your diary.


Peter Hoskins

Umpires Coach: 9546 6775 (H) 9900 2550 (W)

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